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Archangels are overseers or overseers of the angelic kingdom who are the messengers of God, i.e. the purest of energy. Here are some of the more famous archangels:


It has the healing power of God. This archangel brings healing to all beings, both humans and animals. Healing can take many forms, including physical, emotional, or spiritual. If you need healing or work as a healer, Raphael will help you. Raphael can also help you stay safe while traveling and protect you while you travel.


This archangel is very similar to Raphael, he protects and heals all living creatures in nature. Ariel is often considered a woman. It will help you heal all creatures and work with the elements of nature. If your pet is sick, this archangel can help you. It will also help you connect with nature and connect better with the planet.


Gabriel is often considered God's divine messenger, is the highest-ranking archangel and reigns over communication. If you need help with your creative, artistic or theatrical expression, Gabriel can help. With its help, all types of communication can be improved, including the development of psychic abilities. It can also offer guidance to those who are considering having children.


Michael is often depicted with a sword and dressed as a warrior. He is the leader of all the archangels and leads the fight between good and evil. It is a strong protector and will protect you, your property, family and loved ones. It will give you courage when you need it and guidance in all aspects of your life. It is also there to help you weather the storms of life and grow emotionally and spiritually. If you need courage to change your life, ask Michał for help.


Zadkiel presides over mercy and forgiveness. If you need help moving from difficult relationships, disappointments, past hurts, and emotional pain, call on him to help you. It will help you look at wrongs, wrongs from the past in a different way and help you forgive yourself and others. It will help you become more compassionate and grow spiritually.


Chamuel reigns over peace and love. It will help you in relationships, friendships and career. It expresses kindness, compassion and love. It will help you to free yourself from bad and abusive relationships, and deepening emotional bonds will be better.



Reveals divine light and helps you on your journey out of darkness. If you are unsure of God's plan for your life or God's love for you, turn to Uriel for help. It can also help you develop inner wisdom, become more creative, and succeed in achieving positive life goals. It can also help you in many aspects of love and deepen and strengthen your relationships.


Inspires and awakens the thoughts of man to get closer to God. If you need spiritual guidance or help strengthening your faith, Raziel can help and inspire you to raise your spiritual awareness.


He has power over thunderbolts and is a protector who can intercede for a person who does not feel they can communicate directly with the divine. He is believed to rule over hundreds of thousands of other angels, including many guardian angels. If you have recently converted to the faith, Barachiel can help you convert and help you through the transition.


He bears the mercy of god and watches over those in positions of power such as judges, political leaders, and royalty. He defends everything that works in leadership and will help you with career guidance. If you need help with a difficult task or hard work, ask him for help.


He presides over prayer and worship. If you need help with prayer, spiritual matters, spiritual guidance, or have lost your spiritual path, ask Selaphiel for help. This archangel can also help you break down and overcome addictions. He can be called upon to protect children, interpret the meanings of dreams, and assist in exorcisms.


Archangel Metatron is the Angel of fiery energy. Having walked the Earth long ago, this divine angel is well accustomed to human encounters with life, with its trials and tribulations; can relate well to people's frustrations and desires and their perceptions of happiness and sadness. Due to his deep understanding of life on Earth, he is best suited to act as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth. He works to spiritually uplift every soul on Earth and helps develop the psychic powers of those who wish to accelerate their spiritual development.

Moreover, Archangel Metatron uses his power to strengthen your determination to start living from a higher consciousness. As long as you are resolute in your decision to change for the better, he will be with you and constantly motivate you to follow a disciplined regimen of proper diet and exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

Metatron heals with the vibration of Sacred Geometric shapes. One of these tools is Metatron's Cube. Metatron's Cube is used to heal and balance your body's seven major chakras. This cube is also referred to as the vehicle of Ascension, called "Merkabah" and is widely used by angelic beings to travel from one dimension to another.

These are some of the problems and disciplines Archangel Metatron helps us with:

  •      Spiritual realization

  •     Inner transformation for uplifting your soul

  •      Development of your psychic abilities

  •      Chakra healing and balancing

  •      Eliminating your inner fears and inhibition

  •      Cutting unhealthy cords with people and things of this world

  •      Welfare of children with ADD and ADHD syndrome

This is only part of the list of the Archangels who help us. To connect more deeply with their energy , just start meditating to enter a deeper meditative state. Then your vibration will be higher, and your requests more accurate. At low vibrations, it is enough to ask the Angels for help, they will direct your requests directly to God or Arch-angelic beings.

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