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Please share your review after the session, it will help other to make decision. Please send me an email to: - just add in title REVIEW. Thank You so much!



I received the reading and session as a gift a few weeks ago. I was very pleased, everything that came out in the angel cards was 100% correct and the session went very successfully.

Yesterday Sebastian conducted another session. I received a very accurate reading on the blockages that Sebastian observed in my body, which we will work on in subsequent sessions.

All the pains that I have noticed in my body recently were mentioned by Seb as blockages that need to be worked on and cleared.

I highly recommend everyone to use Sebastian's services. Sebastian has a very great gift that can help each of us.



I received several healing sessions from Seb. Seb is an amazing, gifted & generous healer. He is very caring very positive and kind, he has so much unconditional love and empathy. Seb also feels the right place in the body to work on. It's a privilege to receive healing from him. Seb's healings are soothing to the soul and very relaxing. Also quite unique the messages Seb emails after the session and shares how the healing went. It is always a pleasure to receive healing from Seb and I recommend him highly. Much love and blessings.



“I’ve just had a couple of distant energy sessions with Sebastian. I don’t usually go to anybody else as an Archangel Metatron Divine Metaphysics teacher, but what I learned from Sebastian’s insight is we must always feel open for somebody to assist us through the divine light that they are. The sessions were beautiful and gave me a lot of energy and comfort. Thank you so much Sebastian. You are a beautiful lightworker. Your energy is so gentle, powerful, comforting and peaceful. I like it that you don’t know how good you are! Thank you. 


With love,


Tammy Majchrzak 



I received an Angelic Healing session as a gift and decided to give it a try. I didn't know what to expect. In the first session I felt a very strong energy flowing through my hands and feet. Then it progressed to numbness in my arms and legs. Then I felt a stabbing pain in my left shoulder and remembered when as a child I saw my mother before she died, who also felt pain in this place. Subsequent sessions were similar, but the numbness was less intense. After the sessions I felt very tired, but the next day the fatigue was gone.  Feel much more at peace now. After each session, I received a description along with affirmations. The descriptions were very accurate, they confirmed the health problems I knew about. At the last session I also received a reading related to my life and it was amazing and at the same time filling with positive energy. It was as if I was talking to a good clairvoyant. I think I'll be back for another session in a while and for now I'd like to thank Sebastian for his help. I'm very happy that I could meet one of these 'real' people dealing with spirituality. I am grateful for the time and energy



Session with Sebastian was supposed to take place at 21:30. We agreed an hour earlier and when I left the computer to take a shower - I already felt tingling in my legs and the feeling of being in a new reality ... the session began with my opening up to the process. I lay down in bed experiencing on the way a great feeling, lightness, joy associated with being in this new light energy. I felt Sebastian's presence strongly, his enveloping energy, like a supportive friend with an arm on my back to help me reach my destination calmly and safely. I was quite tired, intensive 2 months in a spontaneous adventure trip. Emotions, thoughts, events related to the trip brought many experiences, wonderful moments, raptures, acquaintances - now it's time to rest. I relaxed, relaxed and waited for the moment of the session. It took place outside of time, the Angels were already working =D I quickly fell into the space of dreaming, half-sleep where I was getting quick but clear and gentle information about Me, I was reminding myself again, my abilities, my intentions, passions and it all took place in the space beyond words, beyond images. There were images, contents that are not logical for the mind, but for the Soul who read it, I felt very strongly that everything is coherent and it is clear what is going on. I underwent the process, opened myself to transformations and experienced wonderful experiences that my mind cannot process into words but the Soul remembers, knows and I am aware that it will remind me what to do at the right moment, I just know. The mind would like to have it all written down, ready, a business plan for at least 5 years ahead, but it doesn't work like that, you can't control the flow of Life, this river. What the session reminded me of , was a Trust, surrender to the course of events, observation, self-awareness and relaxation in what is happening WHEN IT HAPPENS and simply participating in Your Own Life =) Thank you very much!



The healing session went great. The energy not only vibrated in me, but I felt it rippling inside of me. I was perfectly relaxed. I felt like I was glued to the bed and no one could ever tear me away. As soon as I lay down, I felt a warm vibrating energy that flowed through me like the waves of the sea. I was in a half-asleep and I felt someone beside me. I felt very safe... and the green sapphire ball was vibrating in my head. And colored pollen fell on me like snow. I saw  Sebastian in such a very old TV with an antenna at the top 😀 I feel refreshed and like a newborn. What I felt during the session cannot be described in words. have to experience it.\Thank you Sebastian

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