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Your life belongs to you. Take them back.



Nowadays, everyone lives in a hurry, trying to  earn some extra money for a new TV, car, home and want more and more ... but there is always something that is missing here. The individual ceases to pay attention to these small things, what he already possesses, to nature ... and begins to delve into the growing state of dissatisfaction, arguments, depression, until a disease shows up.   Only when a life threatening illness shows it face, or series of bad luck events, we start to ask ourselves WHY.   My goal is to show you the right life path,to help you find what you were so desperately looking for all your life. So that you're back on the right track. For me, nothing is impossible - whether its recovery from the severe illness or change of profession - everything is possible but you just have to believe it.   I offer healing therapies which help also breaking free from addictions. What's an addiction? Addiction is doing something that covers up our true feelings - maybe a void - within us. Ask yourself if it is the food that fills the void? Is it alcohol? Gambling? Are these drugs? Or maybe the relationship that you're currently in? Or the need to rescue people in need? Or continue buying unnecessary things to try to prove something, then end up collecting them at home? Whatever it is, we have to deal with the addiction that fills our emotional and spiritual emptiness. Often the misuse of alcohol, food, sex, tablets, gambling or even working too hard to reward yourself - often this is simply a result of the lack of love.   I started growing spiritual path in 2011. I began to develop this topic through various courses, books, and of course, through my own experience. I felt a really strong connection with angels in 2013, when many things in my life began to change at a rapid pace, and I also work in conjunction with the Creator. Despite the big turmoil and strong energies that went through my life, I knew I was going in the right direction, so I kept my composure. Thanks to my knowledge and my presumptions I spent that period fairly calmly. I know that everything I experienced is there to also help you. Of course, remember that my work must connect with your effort, I cannot carry anything for you because you also have to experience some things in life. After all, this is why you ended up being here. Remember also that your intuition will tell you whether my services will help you. It will certainly let you know if you're ready for change and whether my ways will correspond and help you develop. So if you don’t feel ready just remember that you can always come back later.   People use different substances to experience spirituality. Some people use stimulants to connect with the Higher Forces to help others. I don't. Stimulants are shortcuts to experience spirituality but also to draw negative energy. These people are exposed to the negative beings and to being possessed. That's why I do not use any "enhancements".   I am a Reiki Master - Certified by Sherry Andrea. Angelic therapy practitioner, Angelic card reading, medium - Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Practitioner with the healing power of light - Certified by Deborah King and a Metatronia Divine Metaphysics Practitioner involving the Light of Archangel Metatron. I have been personally trained and Certified by Tammy Majchrzak. I'm still further training from uncertified courses from John Holland and James Van Praagh. I know the methods of Recall Healing, Total Biology and I am a practitioner of Soul Body Fusion® and ThetaHealing®. In addition, I deal with herbs and Homeopathy. Of course, I am still learning through constant work with clients, courses and books.   I developed my own technique thanks to all the courses I graduated from and the books I read as well as seeing how my mentors work.   If you have any questions please feel free to write to me and I will do my best to answer any questions as soon as possible.   With Creator - sending Love & Light  


Sebastian Wasilewski


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There are experts who can heal your body using modern methods, I am not one. I can, however, using methods as old as the world, heal your soul, let me talk to it. When the soul is healed, the body will follow. Thank you for your support Lula Czurjamiri


Group Sessions

The offer includes the possibility of organizing a group session. The number of people doesn't matter. The group session is focused on general energizing with the energy of light and love.

Individual Session

An individual session is more focused on health and life problems or general energizing.


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